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Workshops aimed at music students in schools

“I'm not a teacher: only a fellow traveller of whom you asked the way. I pointed ahead - ahead of myself as well as you.”

George Bernard Shaw, Playwright


All workshops for Year 7+ are designed to run for an hour and three quarters usually with a short break in the middle.

Classes for KS1 & KS2 never exceed an hour in total.

Handouts and Exercise Booklets can be personalised to incorporate your school crest and name should that be required.

The basic workshop fees are calculated at £27.50 per student based on a minimum of 10 students. In addition to this, the

copying and binding of materials including handouts varies between £5.00 - £8.00 per attendee. This however, is dependent

on the size of the individual exercise books and the number of people attending.

Travel is charged at 48p per mile if driving. Train fares and overnight subsistence and accommodation will be charged as a

direct on-cost.

I always have something positive and constructive to say regardless of the age and ability of the students taking part.  The most important thing is for the young people to take the opportunity of sharing their music with like-minded souls.

I run a small private practice from home plus I can make home visits within a small radius of my base. As such, my fees start at £40.00 per hour pro-rata.  I would recommend 30-minute slots for Beginners – Grade 3, 45-minute slots for Grade 4 – 6 and an hour for Grade 7+.

In order to be as flexible as possible, there are a number of payment options available to you. Pay-as-you-go, monthly or by the half term. All of the above options are payments by cash, cheque or bank transfer.

Please call me to discuss availability and the best payment option that suits you.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum number of participants for your workshops?

Due to the interactive nature of the workshops a minimum of 10 students is required.

What is the maximum number of participants for your workshops?

35 – 40

Who can attend?

KS3+ classes are designed for all Music Scholars and Award Holders but the sessions would

also benefit anyone taking GCSE, AS & A2 Music.  KS1 and KS2 are open to all.


Do you run all the classes yourself?

No!  All my colleagues are highly skilled professionals with shed loads of experience working with young people.  All are DBS checked.

Do you prepare course materials?

We produce quality workshop material for every course we provide.

Coursework material
Coursework material

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Zoltán Kodály

"There is no complete spiritual life without music, for the human soul has regions which can be illuminated only by music".